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The Great Reset

This morning I was doing my morning research. There is so much going on right now that it is hard to understate how historically significant this period in time will become. So patriots keep your eyes open and use your wisdom to discern what is true and what is not. I stubbled upon a great video this morning from TheKwakBrothers called The Great Reset and I think there is more here than meets the eye (see video below) .

If you don’t know what the Great Reset is the video provides a good summation, but in short it goes something like this:

  1. Cause or use a major crisis.
  2. Government steps in to solve the problem and takes more control.
  3. Eventually the government controls everything and people are happy.

This is the fairly tale of mass psychosis (see video below) that is used to bring about The Great Reset. Now here is where I believe these two videos and phones come together. If you have followed me thus far then you are doing well. I’m keeping this brief but I hope you can see where I am going through the use of these vidoes and making some logical connections. The way that the government is determining if these actions are having the intended affect is through monitoring our phones. Really think about this.

The way that the government is determining if these actions are having the intended affect is through monitoring our phones.

In my professional career I have built many websites. The way that we determine the effectiveness of the website and digital marketing is through website monitoring. Often Google Analytics is used for monitoring and it will tell us how many people came to the website, how long they stayed, what pages they visited, whether they made a purchase, and so on. With this data we can then determine if the investment is providing a return. In order to determine whether these investments are paying off they are using our phones to influence and monitor.

One last take away from these videos. Individually they are single pieces of information. However, when I put them together I see the following:

  1. Convince the public that something is a human right that wasn’t previously (health care or housing).
  2. Create a crisis around that human right.
  3. Use propaganda to convince the public of the human right during the crisis to create an emotional tie.
  4. Monitor the result of campaign through big tech such as social media, phones, and other technology.
  5. Rinse and repeat until The Great Reset has been completed.

I could be totally off base here. Only God knows the true course of events and, if you read the end of the book, we all know how this will end. Hopefully, this will provide some information to help us make sense of this crazy time. I pray that we are like the men of Issachar, “who understood the times and knew what Israel (or whatever country you are in) should do.”