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Secure Traffic

Phone security is like an onion; it has layers. There are three basic layers of security that need to be implemented and maintained: phone/operating system, internet traffic, and apps. With GrapheneOS the phone/operating system is secured, so the next layer is internet traffic. The best solution that I have found to protect internet traffic is AdGuard with VPN.

AdGuard with VPN provides a number of security benefits. First, it blocks ads and fingerprinting so that your device is unidentifiable. Security starts with preventing data exposure and is further expanded by anonymizing your device. This will make you a virtual grey man online to prevent whoever (fill in your own manipulative businesses or tyrannical government) from targeting you.

Second, it can filter your traffic to prevent unwanted traffic from displaying on your phone. This is great if you have a child that likes to use your phone. Keeping the kidos safe online with a little filtering is just the icing on the cake as the real benefit is preventing malicious scripts from compromising your devices.

Third, the VPN takes all of your internet traffic and tunnels it through another server. Since the traffic is not coming from your device directly and is encrypted it is both secure and anonymous. Whether you have a phone, tablet, or computer a VPN is recommended for all devices.

Use the links below to download the app for your device. The initial install implements a lite version of the software. Once the app is installed it will prompt you to purchase an upgrade. For full security, the Personal license with AdGuard VPN is recommended.

AdGuard for Windows

AdGuard for Mac

AdGuard for Android