Patriot Phone 4


The most secure and usable phone solution on the market. It begins with GrapheneOS, which provides an operating system that is hardened and familiar to Android users. Applications are then layered on the phone to provide common functionality without compromising security.

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The Patriot Phone 4 is a secure phone that incorporates three layers of security: operating system, apps, and internet traffic.  The Patriot Phone 4 includes the following:

  • Refurbished Google Pixel 4 (See Specifications)
  • GrapheneOS Secure Operating System
  • Pre-Installed Applications (See Applications Included)
  • Google Play Replaced with Aurora Store (Not all Applications Support.  See Unsupported Apps Page.)
  • USB Charger and Charging Cable
  • 30 Day Warrantee
  • Access to Forum for Support

Live Support is Purchased Separately.

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Weight .162 lbs
Dimensions 5.79 × 2.71 × 0.32 in