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Not a Phone but a Secure Laptop

For many years I have used both Windows and Mac products for computing. I have a laptop and numerous desktops that I use for work, leisure, mining, etc. Please don’t judge me for using a Mac. I’m technology agnostic and use the device that best suits my needs; not because I’m a fanboy. Recently I have been looking around for a new laptop. I would like to find a device that is more secure but beautiful and practical. Here are my requirements:

  1. Works with Windows and Linux.
  2. Looks and feels good.
  3. Medium in size. Not too big and not too small.
  4. Durable and flexible so that I can depend on it working for many years.

While I was doing my morning research I stumbled upon the video below. I haven’t bought one yet but I’m pretty excited to order one. This video was a pleasure to watch because this is how I look when I get a new toy in the mail. Especially one that is really well built and has been lovingly and thoughtfully designed.

Now you may be wondering why I have this here as this website is about secure phones. Well, I get asked a lot of questions about tech. Sometimes people would like to know about security for other devices. One thing that privacy-minded people are looking for in a laptop is a way to disable the camera. This laptop includes a camera shutter and a microphone hardware shutoff switch! Seriously, I don’t know any other manufacturer with these features. If you are really paranoid you can go one step further and remove the camera and microphone.

I am not a paid sponsor for Framework and I have yet to purchase their device. However, this seemed like a very interesting opportunity for those that love technology and are concerned about privacy.