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More to Life Than Facebook

I’ve spent most of my life building websites. Although much of my experience is on the programming end I am still very familiar with basic web marketing. One of the foundations of web marketing is integrating Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel on your website. This will allow Google and Facebook to track visitors to your website. The goal for them is simple, they are selling advertising and collecting data on the success of the marketing helps prove ROI. If you are a business spending $2,000 per month on Google Adwords you want to know that it is bringing you business. If it isn’t you want to know why and fix it fast.

On the surface, all of this seems pretty simple and straightforward. However, I don’t trust Google and Facebook to use this data for advertising purposes solely. There are many articles, here and elsewhere, that expose the deception and misuse of customer data by these big tech companies. If we are about protecting our data then it needs to be more than a phone but a mindset of security. It isn’t about hiding bad things because that isn’t why I want to protect my data. It’s about lack of control and loose of freedom. The more we give freely the more that governments and corporations will take.

For the reasons above and many others, I have decided NOT to install Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel on this website. We also use secure servers that are privately hosted by webClinic Pro. So know that your privacy is secure while you are surfing.