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Security is Not Convenient

Before trying to implement any secure there is one thing that should be clear, SECURITY IS NOT CONVENIENT. You are going to have to give up some things and alter the way you do things. In many cases, you will have to find another way to accomplish a task. However, the benefits to security are worth the inconvenience.

When you have something of value you take the time to protect and maintain it. Your data is of great value and it is time that we realized that and started taking the time to protect our data. An article in from 2020 states, “The most valuable data belongs to US men of Middle Eastern descent who are between the ages of 18 and 24, live in the Northeast, and earn $120,000 to $149,999. Their data brings in $66 million annually.” So clearly your personal data is worth a considerable amount as this is only a small portion of the total market. So here is the take away, businesses and government are willing to pay for your data.

I’ve heard it said, “who cares if they (businesses and government) have my data? I have nothing to hide.” This statement is ignorant of how the data is and will be used. If vast amounts of your personal data is available then it can be used to influence you and those around you. For example, it is common knowledge that businesses are using your data to sell to you. Some people appreciate the targeted sales and if that is you, then good for you. However, the majority of consumers don’t like the idea of someone manipulating them. It doesn’t matter whether it is a great new product or a political agenda, people like their individuality and freedom to choose. To think that this might be compromised is a violation of our privacy.

It’s time that more people stand up for their privacy even at the cost of convenience. If you are one of these people then welcome to fight to protect your privacy and freedom. You’re not alone.