Before You Buy

Information that you need to know before you purchase a Patriot Phone. Please read this information before you continue with your purchase.

  1. Patriot Phones are refurbished Unlocked Google Pixel 4 phones. This is not a new phone but is a good quality used phone.
  2. Pixel 4 phones currently do not have 5G for privacy concerns. We used refurbished phones because the older technology doesn’t have 5G. Location tracking with 5G is much more accurate and in the interested of privacy we have opted to use phones without this technology.
  3. Unlocked Pixel 4 phones should work on any network. If they do not work with your existing network please contact our support through the forum or email us via the Contact Us page.
  4. Unlocked Pixel 4 phones should use your existing phone number and requires a sim card.
  5. Patriot Phones are not 100% secure but provide a higher level of security while still working as a good daily driver. It will provide more security than a standard iPhone or Android phone.
  6. The Patriot Phone does not have Google Play Store installed but has two alternatives in the Aurora store and F-Droid. DO NOT INSTALL GOOGLE PLAY STORE as it will compromise your security.
  7. Some apps are not supported. Apps are one of the main ways to compromise a phone. Therefore it is important to limit the number of apps and only get apps via the Aurora Store or F-Droid.
  8. There isn’t a good alternative yet for maps and directions. One of the major issues that we have found is a lack of good map and direction applications for this phone.
  9. Support is NOT offered with phone purchase but can be provided via the forum, purchased support, and local partners.